Now you can Namaste on your holiday

There are few things better than starting off the morning with some yoga, but this is magnified when you’re in a beautiful part of the world (and when you are on holidays and indulge and be lazy for the rest of the day guilt-free!

To help plan your next getaway, we have found some Aussie resorts and hotels which offer in-house yoga, so you can start your day with Namaste.

Sleep is the new status symbol: zzzz's & weight loss

There is so much buzz about sleep at the moment. We have heard headlines claiming sleep is the new sex and that it’s the new status symbol, but why? According to research, sleep helps keep us in shape. We did some research and spoke to our resident psychologist to find out more about the relationship between the two. Read the low down...

Bulletproof Super Tonic to Make Your Skin Glow

We have all well and truly lost our summer glows. Being healthy on the inside will help promote glowing skin on the outside. We have teamed up with Bannie from The Healthy ingredient who has provided us with a deliciously healthy recipe to help us radiate throughout winter. 

Golden Goodness: The Golden Turmeric Shake to boost your immune system

Winter is well and truly here. Its cold, dark and we are all gravitating to coffee, soup and hot yoga. 

Feeling the effects of winter already? We have partnered with Bannie from The Healthy Ingredient who has provided us with some delicious winter smoothie recipes which will help boost your immune system. 

Trending Turmeric: from the Turmeric & Co girls

Its been a little while now since Tumeric has been on the scene. Still wondering why a root which has been around forever is only now being talked about? Its not a fad. Social media platforms are enabling us to share and learn the research behind why tumeric so amazing for your health, which means its finally getting the recognition it deserves.  

Read more on tumeric from the girls at Tumeric & Co. The best place to shop for all your tumeric and golden latte needs!