BRIT + CO Birthday Gift Ideas for your Fave Virgo.

We are thrilled to have been featured in the BRIT + CO Birthday Gift Ideas for your Fave VIrgo.

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YW + Keep it Cleaner: Brunch

We team up with Steph Claire Smith + Laura Henshaw from Keep It Cleaner to highlight how you can still celebrate in style without forgetting about being healthy and treating your body kindly

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Chic Yoga Mat: Bachelorette Party Essentials for a Fun and Festive Getaway

If you're looking to fit in some fitness on your bachelorette getaway, yoga is the perfect activity to get your body moving without totally overdoing it. These Yellow Willow Yoga Mats are super cute and functional too (they're actually a mat and towel combination).

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Leah Simmons Opens Up About Her Fitness Empire

From activewear to supplements and gear - what are a few of your must have wellness items?

A good quality yoga mat. There is nothing more annoying than slipping and sliding all over your mat in a class! You want to encouragethe sweat, not try and avoid it for fear of face-planting out of your downward dog! I have collaborated with Yellow Willow to create a range of mats where the more you sweat the more they grip! And they are all latex, silicone, toxic glue, PVC and phthalates free! 

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How to choose a yoga mat: by yogi Kat Harding

A yoga mat is a very personal thing and as someone who uses one quite regularly in varying different locations (on the sand, grass, shingle, concrete, wood, carpet etc.) I’ve come to learn very quickly the value of a great yoga mat vs. a good one.

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Meet Your Favourite New Yoga Mat – Yellow Willow

When you’re practicing barre at home or yoga in a studio, you’ll know the power of a good yoga mat. They help your practice to be its most effective, stop you from slipping, and enhance your experience on the mat. That experience can be taken up even a notch further with a beautiful design to stare at while you’re in Downward Dog. So that’s why we adore Yellow Willow....

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These Five Stylish Yoga Mats Will Transform Your Life

With beautiful designs and exceptional quality, Yellow Willow is a perfection combination of style and performance. The intricate and abstract designs are a sure way to make heads turn, even in forward fold. Seriously, if you’re going to face plant in hand stand (because face it, we all do), then may as well fall on a stylish, pink mandala design. Plus, the micro suede top fabric is bonded to 100% biodegradable rubber to give your grip and softness. Style, flow, performance – what’s not to love?

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June 2015 #fabfinds

Is it just us, or is there a whole lot of luxe, sporty loveliness on the market at the moment? This month, we’ve been inspired by some of the most gorgeous, luxurious items that make our Barre Body workouts (whether at home or in the studio) just that little bit more special. Enjoy!

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Nimble Loves | The March Essentials

Yellow Willow yoga mats

Created by yogis for yogis. Melbourne based brand Yellow Willow is the perfect mat and towel combination, practical for your indoor and outdoor workouts and for all types of yoga. The mat features a suede fabric top matched with a 100% natural biodegradable tree rubber bottom, providing grip and softness to beat the heat, give you maximum performance and keep your poses solid and deep. Bring beauty and performance to the yoga experience with this essential mat.

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Mat Mania! How to choose the right yoga mat? by BECKY CATTO-SMITH

Thickness: Ideally you want the perfect combo between the right cushioning (to support your body) whilst still remaining connected to the ground. The standard mat is 3mm thick however it you have bad knees or sore spots and want some extra cushioning try a thicker mat closer to 5mm thick. Don’t be afraid to try before you buy!

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Sporteluxe Yoga Mat Review: Yellow Willow

Crafted by yogis, for yogis, Yellow Willow are a Melbourne based brand producing luxury, eco friendly and high performance yoga mats.

Each beautifully designed mat brings a visual dimension to yoga which is hard to refuse. Founders Jess Incledon and Sascha Martin, describe the ethos of the brand as “combining both the principals of traditional yoga with a modern and sensory touch – beauty plus performance”.

Created with hot and Bikram yoga in mind, the mats are also eco- friendly and biodegradable. No latex, silicone, toxic glue, PVC or phthalates....

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Yoga Mat Review: Yellow Willow Yoga

I stumbled across one of Yellow Willow‘s yoga mats on Instagram (as I so often do find the best products via Instagram) and I just had to have one! Their designs are divine and they are the most unique mat I’ve used. They use high performance natural materials to suit all types of yoga. They are made from a combination of natural eco-tree rubber and soft micro-fibre suede fabric- which means they are super soft....

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A New Mat in Town

Yellow Willow brings together aesthetics and performance for its collection of luxe yoga mats.

As wearers of luxury activewear and lovers of yoga, Jessica Incledon and Sascha Martin spotted an opportunity one day during practice. “Looking around the room at yoga, I noticed everyone was having fun with the prints they were wearing, but the mats were kind of boring,” says Incledon.

That’s what inspired the pair to start the Sydney-based label Yellow Willow, their venture that makes patterned yoga mats that are as beautiful as they are functional....

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