At Yellow Willow, we believe our yoga products should see us grow and make us the best yogi we can be. Our yoga mat should be a beautiful place where we can strive to improve our performance whilst embracing the beauty and sensation of yoga.  

Yoga is a beautiful experience which enhances both mind and body, so our natural touch yoga mats and YOGA TOWELS are crafted using unique textured fabrics, RECYCLED MATERIALS and pure natural rubber.

Suitable for all types of yoga & pilates (not just hot yoga) ~ unique top layer fabric MADE FROM RECYCLED PLASTIC BOTTLES ~ HIGH PERFORMANCE X-GRIP keeps you strong in your poses (X-GRIP is an additional layer of grip which keeps you even more confident in your poses) ~ Whilst staying in-tune with your body the NATURAL rubber under-layer keeps the mat stable on the ground ~  Silky soft surface brings smooth fluidity to your practice

THE Top layer of our yoga mats & TOWELS are as absorbent as a towel, enabling you to remain focussed and in the moment during your practice - no fuss or distraction from a separate towel needed.



Micro-fibre suede fabric top made from recycled plastic bottles bonded to 100% natural biodegradable tree rubber provide you with grip and softness standards to beat the heat and keep your poses solid and deep. Selected yoga mats have X-Grip, an additional layer of grip texture.  Mats are eco-friendly and biodegradable. No latex, silicone, toxic glue, PVC or phthalates.

The unique surface Yellow Willow X-Grip texture and material keeps you solid in your poses from your first downward dog. No need to wet your hands or warm up to feel confident in your poses. 

All fabrics are soft and gentle on your skin as well as UV resistant making them ideal for practicing both indoors and outdoors.


Lightly spray your mat with a gentle cleaner after each practice to maintain freshness. Hand wash or Machine washable. We recommend washing mats on a cycle on their own each time in a gentle cold cycle once every couple of months. Hang out to dry. Indoor drying typically takes 48 hours. Do not tumble dry, it's bad for the mat and for the environment.


Colour fast, lightweight and good for travelling

Yellow Willow X-Grip applied to selected yoga mats

Dimensions Standard Yoga Mat: 1730mm x 610mm, with 3mm black underside.

Dimensions Yoga Mat Plus: 1900mm x 610mm, with 4mm black underside.

Dimensions Yoga Towel: 1730mm x 610mm, with 1mm black underside.

Mat sling: Length: 1500mm Thickness: 4m